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one of our Boynton Beach irrigation contractors giving the thumbs upA guide on water conservation provided by our Boynton Beach irrigation contractors

Looking for a fresh start? This quick guide will show some simple and easy steps to save water today with minimal hassle.

Want to Learn More About Water Conservation? Ask the Experts

If you followed these steps and still want to take sustainability to the big leagues, ask us how our experienced Boynton Beach Florida team can improve your existing home irrigation system to boost your sustainability efforts while lowering your monthly water bill.

Reduce Runoff and Recycle it if Possible

Runoff is excess water that is wasted. If your sprinkler system leaves pockets of water, puddles, or small streams to the gutter, you may want to look into reducing that runoff. Make sure that you aren't over-watering, and check your sprinkler system for any hidden leaks. If you still face a problem with excess runoff, find a way to collect it and use it to water neglected areas of your yard, dry spots, or houseplants.

Take Aim

A surprising amount of water is wasted by existing sprinkler heads. If you are not getting even coverage of your lawn, you may need to calibrate the rotation and direction of the spray. Any water that gets on the sidewalk will only feed the weeds.

Get Informed

Take some time to get to know your local water use regulations. The state of Florida is actively trying to reduce water use, and this has resulted in restrictions at the state, county and city level. These rules change from time to time, so make sure you stay on top of the current events.

Join the neighborhood watch

If you notice a water leak, speak up! Just because the water isn't counting against your meter, help out the cause by letting your water district know when you notice water use that's out of the ordinary. If everyone kept an eye out, think about the amount of water that could be saved every year!

Go Native

Southern Florida is home to a vast array of native plants that can serve not only as decorative landscaping, but also as beautiful ground cover that will thrive with minimal water and even less maintenance. If you want to reduce your footprint, native plants are the way to go.

Get Some Shade

Shade not only provides cool comfort for humans, but it also reduces a plant's need for hydration due to the lowered air temperature. Set up a few umbrellas, and enjoy your neighbors ugly tree that hangs over your side of the fence. Every bit of shade reduces water consumption while also retaining moisture in the soil for a healthy, low maintenance garden.